What are your hours of operation?

Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm

How do I determine what size storage unit I will need?

Our team will discuss the different options we have to offer and will find the best solution for your project

What sizes are your storage containers?

We offer both 20’ & 40’ ground-level storage containers

Do I need a lock for my Viola Storage unit?

You are welcome to provide your own padlock or welcome to purchase one from us

Will my items get wet? Do I need to worry about mice?

Our team fully inspects each unit prior to delivery. We guarantee your unit will be weather-tight & rodent proof.

Can storage containers be moved loaded?

Unfortunately, no. We are not able to move loaded containers currently

How much room do I need to get a storage unit delivered?

Our 20’ containers are delivered on a flat-bed truck. We will need approximately 50’ of straight clearance. For the 40’ units, they are delivered on a full-size tractor trailer. We will require 100’ of clearance to unload.

Are units only available for rent?

No! We do offer container sales. More information can be found HERE

How long can I rent a storage/office unit for?

There is no maximum length of time, you are welcome to rent the unit as long as needed.

What can I expect my first invoice to look like?

For a rental, the initial invoice will include the first cycle of rent, delivery, and pick up.

Do you offer accessories for the storage & office containers?

We offer shelf brackets, pipe racks, lock box enclosures, and even padlock.

Do I need steps for the office containers?

No! Our office trailers are ground-level and require no stairs.

What are the electric requirements on the office containers?

The office units will require 220v & 50 amp service.

What do I do if my rental unit is damaged?

Please give us a call right away so we can take the necessary steps to document & make repairs if needed

780 Ridge Rd Webster, NY 14580